Hello and welcome. I'm a graphic designer and I love getting my hands on a creative project, any stage from concept through to artwork. I'm available on a freelance basis or perhaps you have a brief which I can help you with. Take a look around and let's talk…

PayasUgym 2013 campaign launch

Brochures, press ads, cross-track and tube ads
Project 01

PayasUgym brochures and ad campaigns

Collaborated, with the in-house team, on branding and design over a series of brochures and a busy campaign (which included press ads, tube cards and cross-track) for PayasUgym. The brief was to proliferate the new identity and highlight the many benefits of the largest gym network to introduce a pay as you go service, accessed through 1600+ vaired gyms countrywide. This particular ad campaign, however, was particularly targeted on our Capital.

  • Client: PayasUgym
  • Role: Concept, design, artwork

New look branding for SITA

Brochures, web and advertising
Project 02

New look branding for SITA.aero

Working at DNX (Shere, Surrey) as part of a group and individually, this is one particular versatile design route with an overlying strategy applied to various media. The 'together' campaign was devised to suggest the collaborative community that is the air transport industry which, in partnership with SITA runs efficiently with its wide-ranging 'network' of IT and communication support.

  • Client: SITA for DNX
  • Role: Concept and design

BTP, Hate Crime campaign

Posters, flyers and tees
Project 03

Posters, flyers and tees

The British Transport Police provide Britain's railway network and London Underground system with security for all who work and travel within. This campaign focused on 'Hate Crime' and identified a growing need to report a hate crime if you become a witness. The concept uses a modern day, "see no evil, hear no evil" visual theme with a twist on old sayings to dispell the false notions.

  • Client: BPI for Sherry Design
  • Role: Concept and design

Élan Beauty

Branding, strapline creation and advertising
Project 04

Élan branding

Élan is a small start-up, in San Diego, USA, that required a sassy and accomplished boutique-style profile. The simple and free-flowing logo was the result and, together with some effective collateral, stands out well in a crowded market.

  • Client: Élan
  • Role: Art direction, concept and design

Various collected media

Brochures and websites
Project 05

Various media

From working up a series of album covers, with a legendary producer, to concept creation, design and artwork for small niche companies to global enterprises, this is a small selection of mixed media I've worked on.

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Concept, design, photographic selection and artwork

Various identities

Company branding
Project 06

Company branding

From the sole trader to the global corporate, these identities and the components they've been applied to are a flavour of the projects I've been working on.

  • Client: Various
  • Role: Concept, design, art direction and illustration

About Me

How do you do!

I'm an independent designer with 18 years experience in art-direction, branding and campaign work for various B2B and B2C clients. I live in Kent and you can often find me either at my office desk or in another part of the country working with a client. I'm a sociable ol' soul and I have a love for detail in my design. I'm mostly happy in the Creative Suite but have knowledge in other software like Quark and PowerPoint.

What else do I do?

If I'm not lost in a tune, then I'm going to a gig. I like reading, photography and discovering the joys of the countryside, either by foot or by bike. I snowboard too, although much less than I'd like to.

We should talk!

If you would like to talk about any projects you've seen or might have in mind, then contact me via email, or tweet me.

What other people say…

“The thing about Gary is that he’s a creative with a genuine appreciation for business problems. He takes time to listen to the issue, assimilate and then deliver a compelling solution. He puts many agencies to shame with his ability to give an incisive, timely, and brilliantly creative response to whatever we throw at him.” Ed Luck, Marketing Director, PayasUgym

“Gary worked with Sherry on an ad-hoc basis over a number of years. He is a pleasure to work with, fun and easy-going but efficient and professional. Gary always offers insight and value to any creative brief from campaigns and identity to document design. His ideas are original and current but not too trend focused. His enthusiasm and passion for design shows through in all his work.” Celeste McNamara, Managing Director, Sherry Design